Preparing For a Sexual Encounter

There’s nothing worse than a beautiful woman with an ugly smell down there!

When I know I’m going on a ‘date’ or a female is coming over I always do a few things to prepare for a sexual encounter.

  • I stand bare before a mirror. I take into account what needs work, what looks just fine. Working my way from head to toe the evaluation takes place.
  • What needs to be done to my hair?
  • Do I need to arch my brows, pop some blackheads, exfoliate, clay masque, or anything?
  • Do I need to shave, tweez or wax anything above the waist? Armpits, chin, chest, arms?
  • Pubes. Are they nicely groomed? Nice clean lines, very low or no hair is my preference.
  • Genitals should always be thoroughly cleaned, inside and out with a pleasant smell (and taste). Front and back!
  • Legs. To wax/shave or not? First time, to impress, wax for sure. Other times a shave will do. My leg hair is very thin so I don’t really need to do either but always smooth to the touch is a must!
  • Feet. Are my heels rough? Are my soles smooth? Arches ashy? Toes painted?
  • Finally, do I smell scrumptious & irresistible?

If the answer is NO to any of these questions then I go get on it! From head to toe a woman should sparkle, shine, glitter and entice the one we plan to bed.

Be it your husband or another woman, you should be your best when presenting your body to someone.

Just as we shine through our Fashion or Makeup & Accessories we should shine when all that comes off.

You are at your rawest and purest natural physical state while naked (and laying down).

Naturally shine by taking good care of your body head to toe.

Your partner will appreciate it!

-Jay Dee, Founder




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