Bi Visibility-Celebrate Bisexuality Day September 23,2014 | Living Fabulous

Bi Visibility and Celebrate Bisexuality Day September 23,2014 | Living Fabulous.

Our blog was featured on this wonderful website of Bisexual Advocacy and mixed marriage support.

BiVisibility is what BiWifeLife is all about. Giving bisexual married women a voice. Bringing us forth from the shadows, creating a place for us to meet each other and a supportive environment.

Bringing light to our reality. Bringing forth education to those who are ignorant regarding true bisexuality.

We aren’t serial cheaters, we can be faithful to one or two persons (not an oxymoron).

Being faithful to two people at the same time means respecting and being loyal to my girlfriend and my husband. Sleeping with no other man or woman being satisfied with each, one person of each gender I can love and spend my life with, thus truly fulfilling both sides of my sexuality.

I don’t hide my sexuality nor do I broadcast it. I would never be ashamed to be affectionate with my girlfriend in public, while with my husband or without my husband present.

I would never hide my wife/long term girlfriend were we involved in a triad or poly marriage. I can and have loved both equally behind closed doors and publicly.

I never cared for public opinion, I did what made me and my loved ones happy.

We shouldn’t have to hide because we aren’t the norm nor do we fit into the LGBT Box that has been created for us.

We don’t meet the social perception of what a bisexual person is.

We are wives, mothers, professionals. We aren’t visible and many of us hide.

I’m not fond of the shadows, nor do I like living in the closet.

It’s dark and lonely in there.

-Jay Dee, Founder

What’s your BiWifeLife ideal situation?




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