Fall Skin Care…

You walk out the front door on your way to work in the morning and get smacked with cold air, right in your face.

Your face takes the brunt of cold weather during the Fall/Winter months. It’s the one place most people don’t cover unless it’s really brutal out.

Cold causes dry skin. Dry skin causes wrinkles and cracking. Dry skin kills keratin.

Here’s a skin care mini-bible to give you a basic education on skin as well as skin and ageing.

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting skin care recipes and regimens from Jay Dee’s Kitchen, a remnant of Jay Dee’s Bath & Body which will be reopening as Something New Spa possibly this Winter or next Spring.

I have studied skin care methods, recipes, regimens from the age of 16-32 and I don’t mind spilling a secret or two.

Some of these these tips you’ve heard before, used before and possibly improved upon.

Either way it goes, my face is important to me as I hope yours is to you!

More to come.

Jay Dee, Founder


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