Fall Fitness & Staying Sexy

So, gone are the sunny warm days on your bicycle with the wind in your hair, music in  your ears. No more swimming under sunny skies and sweat training outdoors.

What to do when the weather gets cold and you want to stay active? 

Somewhere around 6 years old I noticed I had natural passions for a few things. Anything Performing Arts, Fashion & Fitness being all equal in my heart early in life.

I could train in ballet class, run an indoor track, play tennis on an indoor court or swim laps in a heated pool all winter long as a kid without the misery of ‘winter’ or ever getting the winter blues or cabin fever. The hardest part of being active in the colder months was making sure we didn’t get sick on the way home from whatever physical activity we’d just participated in. (more on those tips and tricks later 🙂

My mother, totally awesome chick btw, took us to many creative places to stay active when we were little and it was cold or snowing. We tried outdoor winter stuff but I just didn’t do snow good past like age 7.

As I became a teen I sought out indoor tennis & racquetball courts, rock climbing walls and indoor swimming in my city on my own. I was a loner for a while there.

I did a lot of daily one one one physical training with 3 different trainers over the years from 14-29 years old. I did work out during pregnancy and post birth. Especially post birth. I think I was addicted to working out looking back on it…

In any case, I had to stay healthy while living on my own. I utilized the city parks and streets (tips and tricks on those strategies to come 🙂

As I age I find I am limited in what I can do despite what I love to do. I haven’t worked out seriously in 4 years. I thought I decided to take a few years off.

Now it’s time to put my feet back on the ground and get back on the court/floor/track. I’ve been planning to return to dance school this Sept but due to a minor injury I haven’t been able to. My husband has his ailments so we decided to try couples yoga before I become more physically active to limber up and assist in deep healing.

I practiced yoga from 25-31 years old almost daily (stop trying to guess my age, lol). Either at home or in parks & on beaches (for energy centering) favoring Sunrise/Sunset times post middle prayer.

Hopefully it will help strengthen our bodies and minds this Fall and help us improve our health.

Not to mention COUPLES YOGA CAN BE SUPER SEXY!!! Try it with hubby or your girlfriend 😀

^^Click above for pose suggestions you can do right at home!^^ I’ve had many a  passionate moment while being spotted, lol. 😀

What are some of  your favorite Fall/Winter physical activities? Any fav yoga positions> 😉

What can you do in your town or home this Fall/Winter to stay fit? 

-Jay Dee, Founder





2 thoughts on “Fall Fitness & Staying Sexy

  1. Thanks for the tips. Couples yoga! That DOES sound steamy!
    My fiancé and I run together. And even though the weather is getting cooler, we like to just layer up and hit the streets. Or get on neighboring treadmills.

    This past Saturday, he coached me through an especially difficult half marathon. And the teamwork it took to get us both through those 13.1 miles, really helped us solidify our strength and communication.

    1. Trust me Stephanie, couples yoga DOES get really steamy if you and your partner have that special connection.
      Oh gosh I used to do the ‘run in the cold’ thing and giiiiirl, not matter how wore hats and gloves, appropriate attire beneath, layered up, came into a heated and house, took a warm shower and drink tea-I’d still get sick! So not for me although it’s beautiful and feels awesome in the lungs! Crisp cold air 🙂
      I am a treadmill/stair climber master, I just zone out. My husband the ex Arm Sgt. was impressed. 🙂 Made me feel like a rockstar, lol.
      NYC gym memberships are a hassle and way overpriced.
      That is so awesome you he helped you through a marathon!!! Shows how much he loves and supports you and so much more. That’s totally awesome.
      You guys rock!

      -Jay Dee, Founder.


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