Being a BiWife…& All It Encompasses

As you may have noticed this blog/forum is not just about sexuality, sex, and bisexuality. For those who choose to browse the site & may wonder why there aren’t a lot of sexual topic posts I decided to write a post to explain to you all WHY.

**Long Post**

As a bisexual woman I am extremely multifaceted. I find I have two equally prominenet sides to me, masculine and feminine.

My masculine side loves cars, DIY projects, mens Fashion, fat butts, pretty smiles, home repair and remodeling, etc.

My feminine side loves home decorating, cooking, Fashion,  and the list could go on and on. I’m such a girl! lol

Fashion-I do wear masculine and feminine clothing and a wide variety of looks. I am a firm believer Fashion is the ultimate external form of expression & self presentation. Style and Fashion have always been a true passion of mine since I can remember. Fashion and style were always a HUGE part of my surroundings being from Manhattan, NY. My parents and daily surroundings were extremely fashionable.  I come from the 90’s expressionist era. 😀 I wear who I am, how I feel that day and I’ve learned to appreciate the craft and skill of fashion styling. I can honestly say I believe I’ve mastered it on many levels. Thus Our Fashion tab. Fashion is a HUGE part of my being. I so believe it’s genetic.

Beauty goes without saying. Everyone loves beautiful things. Who doesn’t love a beautiful woman? Even women appreciate beautiful women 🙂 Hair, skin, makeup, nails, pedi’s, waxes and all that matter. When we think of a woman we think soft, smooth skin, good smells & appealing to the eyes from head to toe. Nobody’s fantasy girl has bad skin, long brown toenails or rough skin. I try to be my husband’s living sexual fantasy at all times. Beautifying and being among those who enjoy being beautiful is a sure way to meet beautiful women! (Duuh, lol) Not to mention I love being the most beautiful me I can be!

Travel and Leisure– I feel are a big part of being a BiWife because I MEET SO MANY PEOPLE just by going places and having different experiences. When I go places my style usually attracts people. I never style myself loud or gaudy I much rather prefer tasteful and classic, most times creatively so. Fashion is an Art. 🙂  Should I approach someone most people feel instantly relaxed due to my personality and presentation. I meet people almost everywhere I go. Thus I like to ‘Go!’. You’d be surprised how many other women enjoy traveling, seeing new places, meeting new people ;D

Health & Fitness– In an effort to keep myself alive as long as possible to enjoy this life I seem to have this instinctual passion for health care and fitness. I’ve also learned I love healthy, sexy women who love to stay fit. Nothing like a sexy body! Lots of women feel the same way. In turn I attract healthy women. Yes, staying fit and healthy is a sure way to gain women’s attention! A sexy, fit body commands attention from both sexes. Not just men. Seriously.

Home Decor-I’m a wife-a long term housewife, several times, I’ve had several homes. I’m also a mom,  an entrepreneur from home and a student who spends tons of hours studying. My therapy is decorating my home (cooking and cleaning as well). I’m in it a lot so why not? That’s a part of being a wife to me, keeping home. Keeping the home beautiful, well fragranced, clean, airy and well designed for the family’s functional needs and visual stimulation. Yes, visual stimulation. One’s surroundings (especially creatives) can influence their energy, flow and inspiration. I love my home and I’m constantly looking for ways to improve the spaces within it. From chairs to window treatments to entire room schemes I love home decor.

Discussion– From the moral aspect to our marriages, religious reflections, discussion topics and things to get y’all involved I categorize articles into this section.

I do encounter women, not all the time but sometimes. I do have encounters with women…sometimes, not often. I haven’t been in a relationship with a female in over a year. I’m currently holding out for Mrs. Right (catch the pun? Mrs. lol I do prefer a married woman as well, if she’s single-poly!). I do intend to blog about more sexual topics…when I encounter them. This is a real life blog but not much life is happening, lol. Maybe I’ll write about prior experiences. I have TONS of those. 😉 I may include more topic articles regarding sexuality. As experiences and women come into my life, inevitably they will come, I fully intend to share with you guys. I’m not stingy, lol.

In all honesty, to me being a BiWife means being a woman (and all that comes with it), a wife (and all the responsibilities that come with being a wife) as well as a bisexual woman. I’ve chosen my priortity-my family. I chose that when I walked down that aisle. That’s what I’ve built, a  family. My husband and I built a foundation and we’re working on advancing our lives. Women are not in the forefront of my life but I am a bisexual married woman who loves women and hopes to meet her future wife, or Our future wife. My husband and I do believe in poly and will share our journey here should we begin looking for a wife again. That wasn’t a cool experience at all. I gave up after almost a year of stressed out searching, smh.

Connect Here is a space created purely for the readers of this blog who desire a connection with others in Our lifestyle.

I’m not sure what direction I’ll take with this blog/forum but I know what I am passionate about.

I am passionate about my pursuing my professional Career (which I don’t blog about, lol), my husband, my family :D, my home & yes,  women and being bisexual. That’s what I blog about, and the things that go along with those.

I wish I had a girlfriend or a long term girlfriend. Maybe even a wife. I do feel I need a woman to share my life with to be fully complete at times. Other times I don’t even think about it. It’s not all encompassing in the least but rather just a part of me like my legs or toes are.

Who can blog about toes all the time?

-Jay Dee, Founder




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