Norwalk Boat Show?

Last year I had the privilege of covering The Norwalk, CT Boat Show which was totally awesome in so many ways.

My husband, the photographic eye/graphic illustrator has been helping me compile a lovely collection of images over the Spring/Summer. With his help I look forward to launching another blog focused on New York City through images, videos, reviews, etc. Much of what I feature there I will also feature in Our travel section.

I just received an invite to cover The Norwalk Boat Show again this year.

I do hope to be able to attend. You guys would love it!

Parking is plentiful and it’s not too far from the Metro North train. From your average Jane and Joe to baby boat lovers, serious investors, corporate types and even the elderly you’ll find a very diverse crowd. Speaking of crowd the turnout was pretty good when I attended.

Not all boats are expensive. You’d be surprised how much and how little some of these boats can cost. From affordable boats for the house on the lake to floating luxury for the filthy rich, this Boat Show has it all.

There’s even a welcome tent that informs prospective buyers on the boat buying process. As an added touch the show also hosts a lovely lounge in a cute little Cabana which serves cocktails and food. Experience sailing lessons, boat tours and great convo with strangers!

It’s an all ages affair. I hope I’m able to attend to give you guys a first hand look!

-Jay Dee, Founder.



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