Healthy Living Tips for Fall

Healthy Living Tips for Fall on Web MD.

This is somewhat my area of expertise.

During the colder months I work hard to harness the natural power of fruits, veggies, teas, soups, grains, etc to keep my family’s bones, skin, muscles, hair, nails and overall immune health strong.

With lack of sunny days and outdoor activity the body can become stagnated and weak from remaining indoors and inactive in the colder months.

Colds and flu’s spread easily in confined warm environments such as an NYC apartment with a nuclear family and good heat. With the windows closed to keep out winter’s frost how do we keep colds and flu’s from spreading through the family?

Outdoor low temps and and fierce winds dry out our hair, skin and even nails can become dry and brittle.

I will be spilling some of Jay Dee’s top secret recipes from Jay Dee’s Kitchen and suggestions at optimal health through the colder months right here. Stay tuned.

Hope you guys enjoy!

-Jay Dee



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