At the Hospital

I sat with my swollen toe elevated as a pretty nurse walked by. Her back side was so captivating I stopped short in the middle of the sentence I was speaking to my husband. He understood. He was just as speechless as I was.

While my eyes were glued on her green scrubs another perfectly round ass bounced up to hers. I looked up from both spectacular views and saw two very, very pretty nurses chattering with each other. As they rushed down the hospital corridor I watched their scrubs swish side to side. Tiny waists carried bouncing booty’s through the swinging doors leading to the next corridor. Before I could look back at my husband’s face a nurse with super sexy, just plain kissable, lip glossed shiny lips, bright, clear skin & sexy eyes came down the hall. She looked up from her device and smiled directly at me. It was one of those ‘I think you’re sexy’ sultry smiles and she was smiling at me!!!

I was frozen.

I had no idea what her body looked like until I shook off the spell of her smile. Nice boobs, a little baby bulge thick hips, round butt, nice thick legs passed by. Her perfectly round, thick plum scrubs bounced down the same hallway I’d just unglued my eyes from.

I looked at my husband and said “What the hell?” I was perplexed. Almost every single nurse that went by had a gorgeous face, nice hair, bouncy breasts n booty. From thick waists to skinny waists, tall and short the hospital was fully staffed with sexy sirens!

I’m actually a Health Care Management major looking for my first health care career position this fall.

I know the first place I’m applying to! 🙂

Just kidding…kinda.

-Jay Dee, Founder 

7 thoughts on “At the Hospital

  1. hi,Jay Dee since nothing you can do at that very moment..the expression/joke we normley say here is “ooh I wish I was that dress or pants she”s wearing.”cos what she wore at time is the only thing thats touching every parts of her body.sory dont make so much wish.

  2. i can see how you feel ,you are confuse ,just like a kid saying mom i like this toy, no this one o that one.i thing you dont relise that you heat just skip maybe 1or 2 heart beat.. hahaha.i think your hubby is a very loving and understanding guy,thanks to him.

    1. Lol, I know. I feel like the cowardly Lion sometimes. Like sheeesh! Why didn’t I say something. Other times I’m like a Lioness on the hunt. I just come up with the wittiest pick up lines they laugh so easily. Women love me, seriously. I collect phone numbers pretty easy. Thing is I rarely use them. I don’t know what goes on with me sometimes. 😦
      -Jay Dee, Founder

      1. Or when you apply there you can be like “oh you know, I noticed you the last time I was here.” Hahahaha 😛


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