Fall is Falling Upon Us…

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When I think of Autumn or Fall, I think of warm soups, chilly evenings, vegetables, herbs and roots.

During the colder months I love to spend a large amount of time in my kitchen preparing immune system boosting, healthy, hearty, warming and love filled meals. 

I prepare herbal tea blends, super hearty soups and the healthiest of harvest meals.

I delve into aromatherapy scents to make the mouth water such as Apple Pie and Pumpkin spice.

I even blend and boil my own potpourri on colder days to keep the house feeling warm and smelling fresh.

I’m a summer baby and love the summer months but I embrace a love/hate relationship with Autumn and Winter.

I suffer physical pain during the colder months in my bones and muscles despite my healthy lifestyle.

When I think of Autumn and Winter I don’t think of those things.

I think of the earth giving birth to all the lovely herbs, roots and vegetables our family will nourish our bodies with during the colder months.

I think of cable knits, tights, felt over coats and corduroy skirts.

I think it’s time to change my home decor prepare to hunker down for the winter.

I see romantic fireplaces and cozy nights with my husband…

and my girlfriend. 

Hopefully I’ll find Her.

-Jay Dee, Founder



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