Fall Fashion!! Yaaaay

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Planning a new wardrobe is always exciting! 🙂

As a  New York Fashionista it’s mandatory to stay one step ahead of, or right in step with, New York Fashion.

This year I’ve decided to do minimal forecast and trending research. Just enough to stay within the color lines.

From there I’m taking the approach I love best.

Vintage, Retro, anything unique anything that reflects ME.


From the age of 16 I’ve shopped thrift stores all over my city due to a few reasons:

  • Quality pieces at much lower prices
  • I’m a label whore who loves a bargain
  • Uniqueness. I hate to see someone wearing what I’m wearing
  • I love to show off my personality through my clothes

The worst thing ever in Fashion is the Clone Effect. Everyone looks alike.

  • Everyone has the same hair styles
  • Everyone has the same swag
  • Everyone is wearing the same labels
  • The same everything everywhere!!!


Fashion slaves. Ugh. Makes my skin tremble. 

I am bold. I am unique, I am different.

I do follow trends to some degree but I always, always, always put my own unique spin on trending fashion.

I am me and there is not one person on this earth that is JUST like me, though we may be somewhat alike.

My twist is just fine with me 🙂

I know you felt the passion in those sentences!

That’s the same passion with which I set a budget each season and hit the stores running.

I pull pieces, plan outfits, scan labels, and make it work on a budget.

I’ve been doing it all my life. 

Seasonal shopping is a true quarterly highlight in my life.

It’s a new season!

Time to revamp, revise and be creative.


What Fall Fashion ideas do you have in mind?

Comment below!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Pinterest Fashion & Home Decor Boards.

I’ll be adding Fall Fashion as I browse the net for this season’s wardrobe ideas for myself, my family & my home!

-Jay Dee, Founder

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