Back 2 School…All Those Sexy Teachers & Moms!

I don’t have school age children. The children that reside in my home are of legal drinking age.

What I do have is a dog. A dog who demands to be walked early in the morning and in the afternoon.

While walking my dog I see the most gorgeous women taking their children to school and picking them up.

I see women who appear to be teachers & other school personnel parking their cars in the school parking lot, walking toward the structure that holds our children’s future. I dig their fashion, their shapes and all those hot 2014 professional looks!

I see moms with hips spread from the little ones running behind them. Fat behinds of all varieties jiggling down the sidewalk. Pretty faces laugh and greet each other. Full breasts bounce in sweaters and blazers down the block.

The BiWife inside of me wonders how many of these women are married like me? How many of these women are housewives? How many of those women are Bi Wives and how many are just single and bisexual? How many of these women would be appalled to find out I was even  having these thoughts as they passed me and complimented me on my beautiful puppy.

I wonder am I perverted for wondering about these sexy moms and hot faculty?

I wonder how would I deal with it if my kids teacher was super hot and I was crushing on her? (never had that situation…)

What if my kid has a friend who’s mom is really sexy…and flirtatious? (never had that situation either…)

Sheesh, the scenarios are endless.

I’ve contemplated a thousand ways to approach one of these women. In the end I never have.

I find it offensive for a man or a woman to approach someone while they are with their children.

Thank God for business cards, lol. *The BiWives Club Members will be issued 250 free business cards along with.*

In any case, I’m not perverted. I’m just a woman that loves women.

I find myself in situations with other women and it’s sometimes awkward but something I’ve learned how to deal with.

I am not attracted to all women in the least.

I do have a type you know, who doesn’t?

Bi Wives & moms who have to deal with the social pressures of motherhood I’d like to hear from you. It’s your turn to voice off and tell us your side of life.

Do you have an awkward situation you’ve encountered you would like to share with us?

Maybe a situation you’d like input on?

Comment below or on our Facebook Page, comment right below BiWife Moms post.

-Jay Dee, Founder


5 thoughts on “Back 2 School…All Those Sexy Teachers & Moms!

  1. I have some of these ideas running through my head as well. My child isn’t quite school age yet, but I drop him off at daycare and then go to the fitness center next door. And oh boy! I just so happen to always choose the machine or free weights by the window, and I get front row seats to watch the traffic in and out of the daycare. One Mom, as she is ushering her little one into the center, looks for me in the window every day. And it never fails that she makes eye contact with me and smiles right when I am about to finish a hard move or a deep squat, and my face is knotted in concentration and drenched in sweat, lol.

    -Stephanie Elise, Contributing Author

    1. Oh wow! I know that’s gotta be kind of intense. It’s funny how we silently communicate with each other to show our interest. Just the same as guys flirting with girls. So, do you think you’ll ever find the courage to say something to her? Do you think she’ll ever approach you?
      -Jay Dee, Founder

    2. maybe she has the same fillings ,try giving her a nise smile and a wave ,try to say hi ,or start up short convesation maybe you can coment on her dress,earing or makeup and see her reaction so you can buld up the courage to talk to her.if things go well invite her to go to the center sometimes .try wearing tight pants while in the f/center so she see most of your body shape.


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