For those of you who don’t know our Facebook struggle here it is briefly.

I opened a BiWifeLife Organization page on Facbook, a like page essentially.

I tried to open a group within Our ‘Like’ page only to find out that is not possible.

After building numbers on Our ‘Like’ page ultimately the page had to come down.

Facebook doesn’t allow groups to be made within an Organization page, only personal pages.

After waiting 2 weeks for Our original ‘Like’ page to be deactivated I’ve opened a new personal Facebook Account.

I tried to open a group after establishing the new account only to find, I’ve got to have friends to invite to the

group in order to start the group! 

BiWifeLife & The BiWives Club will be a Closed Group.

I need all of Our readers who would like to participate in the BiWifeLife Facebook Group to please add me as a friend on Facebook HERE. This is a PERSONAL ACCOUNT.

From my ‘friends’ list you will ADDED TO THE CLOSED GROUP once I receive enough ‘friends’ to open a group.

I need at least 10 friends to create the group!!!

Add me NOW so I can post the link to OUR NEW FB GROUP!!!

After you send a friend request send me a message with the word: BiWife, BiWife Husband, BiWife Fiance, Engaged BiWife, BiWife Supporter, BiWife Familly Member, whichever word best describes your place in a BiWife Life. (This way I’ll know the request came from a BiWifeLife reader.)

I will add you as a friend and once I get enough ‘friends’ I’ll send you an invite to the group.

It’s a lot I know but it’s the way Facebook is set up.

It’s not a perfect platform. 😦 

The effort to establish a group is to service the readers who regularly communicate with each other and to those who may wish to reach out to particular readers

Support our growth.

Add me so you can comment, connect, suggest here then head on over to FB to converse!

Thanks and look forward to talking to you guys in Facebook!

-Jay Dee, Founder



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