I’ve been talking about it for a while but it’s now time to make the change.

BiWifeLife Readers:

You will see new tabs, new sections to post in. We will have a new Facebook Group for members to connect in.

I’m not a WordPress Guru nor do I have the time to become one. **WORDPRESS GURU WANTED***

My hand is in many different cookie jars in life and I just don’t have the time to dedicate my entire life to BiWifeLife…BUT…I’m slowly making changes.

I will be editing and scaling down some of the very long posts on the site from readers who have shared their story.

Although we appreciate your sharing we do have to limit length for easy reading. Please edit your posts to the shortest length possible when sharing or commenting. I totally understand some topics require longer conversation. I write how I speak as well. Some long posts WILL NOT be edited for sake of keeping the original thought in tact.

By posting within the site you acknowledge posts may be edited from this point forth.

My passions in life are Fashion, Beauty, Health & Fitness and Travel.

We were going to add supporters and Husband pages but in all honesty the further from PRIDE month we get I’m noticing our stats aren’t skyrocketing by the day any longer but rather steady and climbing as we were before PRIDE month. Which is great. We haven’t stopped growing!

In that case I feel it’s best to take BiWifeLife the direction I’m feeling pulled toward rather the direction I felt pushed toward during PRIDE month.

As a result I will be sharing my passions with you through these pages.

As a New York City resident I am surrounded by amazing and beautiful things I always think of sharing within these pages.

Hopefully you will enjoy a firsthand, raw look within New York City’s LGBT Community, Fashion & Beauty Scene & Travel and Eats locations as these are a part of my every day regular life.

We will continue working toward becoming an Established Community Resource within LGBT Communities across the country and supporting bisexual married women globally.

If you’d like to join BiWifeLife Staff just drop a line to with your interest in contributing to Our pages and we’ll go from there.

-Jay Dee, Founder



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