Fall Fashion…it’s almost time!

Body Shape Calculator | Ruler, Hourglass, Spoon, Cone Shape.

One of the major rules in my fashion mind is ‘Make sure it fits!’ There’s something that strikes such a loud, horrible resounding chord in me when I see someone wearing a gorgeous piece that is ill fitted or paired with other garments in an inappropriate manner that just doesn’t ‘fit’. For me a literal visual ‘ouch’.

Making sure it fits is three categories to me. Making sure it fits your body shape, making sure it ‘fits’ with accompanying pieces (matching in color or print) and fits today’s fashion or is trend setting/fashion forward.

Ill fitted bras and body shapers are culprits of the worst degree. These intimates were created to assist a woman in highlighting and supporting her natural curves. If it doesn’t fit either your body will pop out of it or float in it.

Before you go shopping this Fall, know your body shape! Pull out that measuring tape!

My measurements are 31 bust, 27 waist, 35 hip. (Click here to learn how to measure your body.)

If I were shopping J Crew I’d first go to their size chart JCrew’s Style & Fit Guide  before buying anything. Some sites don’t have a size chart but just knowing your size, measurements and average size at other shoppes helps in that case.

From there I’d figure out what size(s) best fits me matching my measurements to their size chart thus going for the perfect ‘fit’.

The first step in making sure your fashion ‘fits’ is making sure your garments fit!

What tips and tricks do you use to get ‘your best look’? How do you measure your size?

Comment below.

-Jay Dee, Founder






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