Internet Privacy & Safety/ Google Email & Search Engine

BBC News – Google ‘reveals user’ over Gmail child abuse images.

Awesome job, innovative program and idea Google has come up with and implemented, but is it’s policies fair to users?

Do their practices violate our right to privacy?

It’s interesting to find out how the internet, websites, web browsers and the likes uses our information. We automatically assume a level of privacy in our email messages and internet searching but the exact opposite is true reality.

We fill out membership and inquiry forms with our names, telephone numbers, addresses, and other sensitive personal information for housing, banking, shopping, website memberships and a wide variety of services offered online.

Everything we do online is watched by SOMEONE. We may or may not know who’s seeing and storing what information we report about ourselves.

Check yourself out on see what comes up. You’d be surprised. Tell us how you feel about what you find.

How about checking our your criminal history for free? Google your own name + mugshot and see what comes up. You could have been arrested for traffic tickets 10 years ago and your picture may come up. Yea, it’s that easy.

It took me a while to begin using online bill pay and accounts related to my home for fear of security breaches, etc.

I always read the terms and conditions scanning for language that suggests my information can be used without my permission or knowledge. Sometimes the wording isn’t so clear and can even be misleading.

How do you feel about internet privacy and safety?

Do you feel safe/protected with your current browser and email service?

-Jay Dee, Founder



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