The Power of Blueberries | Reader’s Digest

The Power of Blueberries | Reader’s Digest.

This week I’m infusing myself with antioxidants to kind of give myself a healthy boost after a few weeks of stress.

I feel nutrition can play a big part in our emotional health.

In any case, I made a huge pot of fresh blueberry and aloe tea and iced it to have as our beverage for the week. I may have to make another pot by Wed/Thurs, it’s hot! lol.

I’ve been eating a small bowl of cereal with a handful of blueberries every morning for breakfast then taking a vitamin (Centrum for Women) with the iced blueberry tea.

My energy has NOT improved. At present I’m attempting to sleep early, rise early. I’m exhausted by mid day.

Maybe by next week when I go back to a super green diet I’ll feel better.

Maybe it’s the sugar in the oatmeal that’s making me sleepy…

Maybe next week I’ll switch to an organic granola porridge in the morning with fruit as a sweetener…

-Jay Dee, Founder



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