Simple Recipes for Smoked Beef Jerky

Simple Recipes for Smoked Beef Jerky –

As of 2010 I stopped eating beef for fear of Mad Cow Disease.

Here’s a recent article on the latest deaths in the U.S from Mad Cow Disease.

Scary. My diet is fish and veggies for the summer season.

I change my diet seasonally but mostly stick with the same basics.

I loved beef. 😉 all kinds, beef jerky, hamburgers, ribs, beef stew (oh, so yummy!) and the list goes on.

What do you think of the beef situation, how cows are fed, raised and slaughtered, how these methods affect your body, etc?

Sounds like an essay question but I’d really like to know what you guys think.

This isn’t just food, it’s nutrients to sustain life! We are what we eat.

-Jay Dee, Founder



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