What are you views on 420?

Marijuana USA – CNBC -FULL Episode – YouTube.

I, Jay Dee, am a very avid 420 supporter. Sorry if I just lost readership from some, but I am a true pot lover and always have been.

I’m happy to see the underground lifestyle become a full industry of professionals who appreciate the health benefits of the plant.

I use marijuana to stimulate appetite (if I don’t smoke I barely eat), stimulate creativity (oh, I write my behind off, working on two books, write poetry and make music). I used to perform a lot and it helped me relax for the stage and post-show networking.

I also use marijuana for my muscles and bones. I suffer from an unidentified autoimmune disorder we are working hard to narrow down. I get sick very easily, I get severe muscle and bone aches during changing or cold weather. I also suffer from very low energy and insomnia-helluva combination. A bit of bud is all I need to get out of bed on the days I can barely move, to relax my mind enough to sleep, and it literally gives me the energy I need to stay motivated. I found all this out purely by accident and have been swearing by it for almost 3 years.

I also suffer from PTSD and severe anxiety. Needless to say, a little bud, and things aren’t so bad anymore 🙂

I used to have a mini pharmacy in my closet for my ailments. Pain killers and muscle relaxers 10x’s stronger than any bud could ever be. I was on Xanax, sleeping pills and all types of stuff to ‘balance’ me out. I felt toxic.

I stopped ALL PILLS and began smoking X amount of bud per day. I have only needed maybe 3 anxiety pills in the past year.

One joint does the trick 5 bottles of pills couldn’t achieve! No side effects, no more pain or aches, no anxiety, stress drastically reduced, the whole gamut taken care of.

This is an up and coming industry. I don’t like alcohol. I don’t like nausea, vomiting, stumbling, having to pee horribly bad, the smell, drunk driving, anything associated with more than 2 drinks.

I’m a true 420 lover for many reasons. Not to mention it feels good. 😀

What are your views on the up and coming legalized marijuana industry?

How would you feel if marijuana were to become legalized like alcohol? Or alcohol made illegal and marijuana legal?

Comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts BiWifeLife Community!

-Jay Dee


2 thoughts on “What are you views on 420?

  1. Interesting perspective. My mom is a non smoker, tried it back in the day, didn’t work for her. She stays away from it completely. My sister as well. Just doesn’t do anything for them. Does tons for me and I’m grateful. I felt toxic and I NEEDED those pills for every single ailment. Sometimes bud doesn’t help 100%, just a little and I’ll have to take a Motrin or something to supplement but it usually does. It truly does work wonders in my life though and I’m grateful it’s becoming recognized for it’s medicinal properties.
    -Jay Dee, Founder

  2. I did my share of bud back in the day… until it stopped being fun to get high like that. I tried it for the pain I have after my stroke and it didn’t do anything to ease the pain or take my mind off of it so it’s better for me to leave it alone.

    Should it be legal? If the state and federal governments would like to increase their tax coffers, yep – they should have legalized it years ago. If the feds legalize it here, then the drug cartels would have to find someplace else to sell their marijuana crops and the drug deals – along with the violence – on our streets would probably go down as well or, at the very least, those drug dealers would have to find a new product to sell; their stuff would be worthless if you can go into your local store and buy it – and you could be insured that it wasn’t treated with anything extra, like embalming fluid or liquid cocaine.


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