Part 2: Shopping Trip With My Crush

Oh my BiWifeLife… 

First, I want to apologize for my hiatus. I got into an accident about a month ago, and when I got back to work, my load had tripled as I tried to catch up! Thanks for bearing with my half- told story.

The shopping trip went amazing. Sure I started a little nervous. Come to find out, so did she.

We talked all through the car ride to the mall. I admitted I had not ever dated while I was already in a relationship. She told me stories of the two girlfriends she has had in her 25 year marriage.

The first girlfriend she met online: they connected physically, and they spent more than a year exploring each other sexually. (I will admit, at this point in the story, I was completely turned on since she was being pretty detailed with the descriptions of their adventures.) Ultimately, though, they did not stay together because they had very little in common, other than physical attraction.

The second girlfriend was a long time friend of hers who came out as a lesbian when they were in high school. They remained friends after school, and soon after my friend broke up with the girlfriend above, she and her high school friend started dating. And it got pretty serious. So serious, in fact, that the high school friend asked my friend to leave her husband and move in with her.

When my friend told me that part of the story, I almost cried. Isn’t that my biggest fear? And isn’t that my fiance’s? Who is to say I won’t fall in love with the next woman I date, and she asks me to leave my current relationship for one solely with her?

Noticing my immediate discomfort (I guess this sudden apprehension reflected on my face), she calmed me down. She said she could understand my reluctance to get too involved, and she wanted this to feel easy and comfortable, not complicated. And with her hand sliding lightly up my thigh, how could I do anything but believe her?

And her teasing did not stop at the store. Her first choice dress told me that immediately. It was long and strikingly purple, with a rhinestone brooch that fell perfectly between her breasts. My mouth was watering. 

I had to strike back, so I found a bright red, shimmery gown with a plunging neckline. I knew it wasn’t what I was look to wear to the event we were attending, but I hoped it would make an impression on her. Well… it did ;-).

After that, we lost focus on dress shopping, and we spent the rest of the trip flirting, touching, talking, and admiring each other. I had a good time, and I look forward to going out with her again, but I know myself and I like to take things slowly. It may be awhile before it becomes anything more than flirting and shopping. She knows that, and she is okay with that. So we’ll see what comes next…

-Stephanie Elise, Contributing Author



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