5 thoughts on “Should We Be Ashamed?

  1. I agree with you on the number of faces it seems we can wear. I was forced to put on my big grandma panties and take the thongs off when my secrets came to light. I suppose that was me coming out to my husband, mom, and sister. A few of my friends know as well but I believe in keeping what I do in the privacy of my life private. It was embarrassing because of how society can view married bisexual women. I have even noticed some people I thought were friends were negative and degrading. I felt confused and ashamed of my feelings and love for women.

    However, after viewing this post I realized something. Over time I have adjusted and started embracing my sexuality. It took time…but I believe its time for the 3 faces to disappear. I should be like many women in this support group and be proud of who I am. Not think of what I am, yes I am bisexual, but I am still the same person. Its time for the 3 faces to become 1…ME!

  2. This post really made me think. I’m still in the closet so if my girl on girl porn and my searches for bi sexual women ever got exposed I would be down right embarrassed. I agree that there is a public me a family me and a private me. If my private life was made public I would just have to put on my big girl panties and own it.

    1. Big thumbs up to you Lecar81. Seriously, in the end that’s all we can do is admit to our faults, face up to them and say to the world “Okay, I own this, now what?”. Like you said, put your big girl panties on 🙂
      -Jay Dee, Founder

  3. This was a nice read (:
    I haven’t dated a woman since high school.
    Now that I’ve had the talk with my husband, I have moved forward into talking to women with similar interests.
    Sometimes when I’m talking and I say ” well I’m married and-”
    Suddenly everything is different.
    “If you’re married then why are you looking for women?”
    “What kind of woman would want to talk to you if you’re married?”
    It’s a new thing to hear. It was surprising actually.
    I’ve found a few new found friends that I am beginning to get to know. That are accepting and even in the same boat as me.
    It was an adjustment but I’m learning new things about myself,
    And when meeting new people to have no expectations of their compassity to comprehend my situation.
    Also to not feel like I have to explain every detail to prove I’m not a horrible person.
    Slowly but surely my skin is getting thicker.

    1. Thanks! I agree it takes thick skin because let’s face it, nobody’s immune to words, especially those designed to make us hurt. I was bullied while growing up and I learned to just let the people say whatever. I had to learn how to push through the words and look at myself objectively. As long as I like me, everything’s cool. When I don’t like myself or my actions it’s time to change. 🙂
      -Jay Dee, Founder


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