This Morning’s Menu

Good Morning BiWifeLifeReaders!

Whatever time ‘morning’ is to you. Just so happens today it’s actually in the a.m as I wrote that greeting. 🙂

It’s funny because I used to cook every single day. All 3 meals, carefully planned and balanced for optimal health. 

Due to the fact I don’t have children in my house who are dependent on me for food I don’t cook as often or as creatively as I used to.

Well, from time to time I do magnificent things in the kitchen. An average meal around here is impressive to some due to our dietary selections and creative mixations, lol.

We have a long day ahead of us out and about in New York City. It’s already 80 degrees and we anticipate temps past 90 today. We’ll be indoors, in waiting rooms and offices most of the day.

Today we’re doing it the old fashioned way. I’ve prepared and packed a very healthy lunch for two and cooked a hearty and creative breakfast to motivate.

Using left overs, an old can of cranberry sauce & the last bit of pancake mix here’s what I came up with.


Approx Cook Time: 30min


  • Aunt Jemima Complete Pancake Mix
  • 1 Can of Ocean Spray Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce
  • Blue Bonnet Butter (stick or spread)


Pour desired amount of pancake mix into bowl.

While mix is still dry open can of cranberry sauce, pour into clear tupperware.

Sift through the jelly to find whole cranberries. 

Add desired amount directly to dry mix.

Slowly, very slowly, add warm water little by little to dry mix an cranberries while blending with fork or whisk until your desired consistency. Thinner the mix, thinner the pancakes, thicker the mix, thicker the pancakes.

Melt pats of butter in warmed skillet, add mix, cook until brown on each side, remove and butter each side lightly while hot and fresh out of the skillet.

Using the Ocean Spray Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce scoop out only sauce, no berries onto serving plate as substitution for syrup.

Serve hot/warm. 

May be served with: Left over fish/seafood, left over chicken tenders/fried chicken or bacon & eggs.


Left over ground turkey and Chunky Garden Ragu Spaghetti Sauce over Ronzini Three vegetable pasta.

Tossed salad ingredients:

Sliced, fresh, green, Iceberg lettuce, fresh baby spinach leaves, fresh cut scallions, fresh cut baby tomatoes, left over scrambled eggs and turkey bacon & home made turkey bacon bits. 

Left over whole Corn on the cob cooked in butter, lightly sprinkled with sea salt & black pepper.

Viola! Lunch.

Throw into no spill containers, pop into a bag for the day with aper towels, plastic forks & we’re on our way!

I know it sounds like a lot but the pancakes didn’t take much longer than usual and neither did the salad. 

That’s just one day, two meals. 

Chicken defrosting for dinner. 🙂

Long day ahead but at least we’re armed with the nutrients to tackle the day!

-Jay Dee, Founder


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