30 Bisexual Celebrities-Huffpost Gay Voices

30 Bisexual Celebrities A link that may surprise you, maybe you’ve always known or suspected some.

Here is a TOTALLY AWESOME VIDEO all bisexuals should watch. It’s informative and I do hope to connect with Noah Michelson to shed light on bisexual married women. He’s speaking on OUR TOPIC! He’s speaking on OUR MOVEMENT. Bisexuals are finally getting public recognition and now’s the time to seize it!

Thank you all for being on board and helping Our Community Grow.

This is a link  seriously worth checking out.

What do you think about celebs and their sex lives?

Should their sexuality be public?

Should yours?

Comment below!

Don’t forget to browse, comment, connect.

-Jay Dee, Founder


2 thoughts on “30 Bisexual Celebrities-Huffpost Gay Voices

  1. If people, including celebrities don’t want their sexuality to be made public, they should have the right to keep it private. Rumours about people’s sexuality just annoys me.


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