Stephanie Elise, OFFICIAL Contributing Author 7/1/14!!!

Stephanie Elise BiWifeLife Contributing Writer

I’d like to congratulate our first official volunteer staff member….

Stephanie Elise.

Her most recent contributions of:

  • Mental Health, Clearing Your Mind
  • Fourth of July Desserts
  • Fighting Insecurities
  • Weekend Meal Prep
  • My Locker Room Experience Today
  • Fooducate, My Secret Weapon for Grocery Shopping
  • Quick and Healthy Baked Salmon

Have proven her dedication and commitment to BiWifeLife and Our quality content goals.

Kudos to Stephanie for being a part of history.

She’s Our VERY FIRST OFFICIAL Contributing Author!!!

We look forward to reading much more awesome content from you Stephanie!

Keep up the great work.

-Jay Dee, Founder



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