Body Shaping/Sculpting?

Brava Breast Non Surgical Enhancement News Story – YouTube.

I make no secret of it, I am a size A cup and I’ve been so since I was 11. Even in pregnancy and breast feeding I struggled in the low B’s. With my last child I was a 36C and my mother literally cried tears. She finally saw her baby with boobs! It was an awesome time in my life, lol. They went away after I stopped breast feeding. Now when I want that look I shamelessly stuff a bra that’s too big for me, and make it work.

I’m coming up on 35 and my body has changed in the past few years. My original frame and shape are still there, I’m willing to work to make it what I want it to be. I worked hard to become a size 4 from a size 12 and I’m here now.

Some things can’t be changed in the gym.

I’ve studied and studied a thousand ways to get the shape I want but there’s some things only surgery can do.

The thought of surgery to shape my body seems so vain yet I feel so unfulfilled without the shape I have always had until the past 3 years or so.

With a little work I’ll have the body I want again…but what options to choose? Natural, surgical, herbal, alternative?

A non surgical option for breast enlargement (I would never consider implants. Ever.) for women who desire bigger breasts?


Would you ladies say it’s worth a try?

Comment below.

I’d like to see what you Our readers think about body sculpting and aging.

Men are more than welcome to comment 🙂 We value your opinion very much here!

-Jay Dee, Founder



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