Exploring Your Sexuality, Things to Consider

Have you been reading through our side, feeling as if you’re ready to make changes in your life?

Have you already been pondering change and found our site?

Are you beginning your journey of exploration and need a place for support?

This article is for you.

Through my experience I’ve learned one simple rule in life.

Change Is Constant

My life from birth to present has been full of uncertainty and I’ve developed a very nonchalant attitude toward personal & professional change. Sometimes, rarely, I panic and I’m like “Wtf just happened?”, “Wtf did I do?”, “Omg, why did I do this?”

Sometimes in retrospect I made a mistake.

Other times I was relieved to have made a good change in life.

My mom inspired me and took a leap of faith that was a long time coming.

At first I didn’t think she was adjusting well.

Over time she’s doing well, adjusting and rebirthing herself.

I am very proud of her as my family was of me when I finally divorced.

For the final time. (that’s another story).

Before embarking on making a major life change such as declaring your sexuality and/or exploring your bisexual side there’s a few things to consider:

Are you ready to deal with your bisexual side right now?
Is this a good time in your life for this journey?
How does your spouse feel about your sexuality?
What’s kept you from living a free biwifelife all this time?
What will change in your life if you open this door?
What will be worse, what will be better?
Will you really be happy?

How will your husband deal with this life change?

Will he be on your team?

Will he react horribly?

Can he really deal with it?

What about your in-laws!?

Does he need to be educated about bisexuality?

Are you going to come fully ‘Out’ or just ‘Out’ to some?

Will your friends, coworkers, kids, extended family know?

Will you tell your parents?

How will the people in your town react and how will you deal with that? *for folks in small towns*

There’s a lot to go over before you start jumping between hot, sexy thighs!!!

A lot can change in life and not always for the better.

Being a BiWife is being married to a lifestyle.

Will this be a marriage you regret?

Comment & Connect below.

We love to see dialog here. Let’s get the convo going!

-Jay Dee



7 thoughts on “Exploring Your Sexuality, Things to Consider

  1. Yea you have given me food for thought. My husband is very supportive and encouraging. He feels as I do that this is what’s missing in my life, but we both have talked about the fact that we live in a small religious community. Our parents would not be supportive. The relationship we want is still very stigmatized. It would most assuredly cause issues for our children in school. I have thought of all these things. What I would like is to hear more on how you dealt with these situations. Any advice or experiences will be helpful.

    1. Thanks! That will be a very long article if I go into how I’ve dealt with all of these issues!
      It may be one that’s needed though. I’ll probably post it. Thanks for the suggestion!
      -Jay Dee, Founder

  2. There is much food for thought in this article. As a women contemplating opening up this door in my marriage, it gives me many reasons to pause. My husband is supportive and very open but I do live in a small very religious community, and we do have a lot going on in our marriage right now. We do both feel that a girlfriend crazy as it sounds bring more balance to our relationship. My husband is wonderful in many ways but he feels that it would let me fill those holes in my life that he just can not. That endless need I have to talk about everything, to have a companion that likes girly things, and ofcourse the intimacy. You see i am quite a emotionally needy woman. I think it’s because I need what only a relationship with another woman can give you. I am open to any advice or criticism as long as it’s respectfully given. Love you site, I read it everyday.

  3. I like this – makes me wish I had thought about it! I do know, however, that a lot of newbie bisexuals usually don’t have a clue about the processes involved after discovering that, hey, I’m bisexual… so now what? You’ve given the newbies some damned good questions to answer!

    1. You’re absolutely right! I’m not new to knowing I am bi, but I AM new to living a life of being married to one person, when most of my life I have known I am attracted to both. I am mostly struggling with making sure my soon-to-be hubby knows he is my first priority. Right now, we are not exploring a girlfriend or friend with benefits outside our relationship (though the option is still open).

      So your questions are great. This is how we open up and flesh out our unique situations and problems. This is a wonderful was to evaluate our position in our BiWifeLife.

      1. Thanks Stephanie. I tend to have a habit of thinking deeply. I’m always pondering, always evaluating, always looking ahead. That doesn’t mean I make the best decisions, far cry from it…but I do ponder. 🙂 I encourage folks to think deeper and consider all angles before acting on feelings. Feelings can create fools of the wisest of men & women! Real talk.

    2. Thanks KDaddy23! That’s the thing…people can be impulsive and act off feeling very, very easily. This is marriage, our entire lives we’re talking about here. If we don’t think before we act we can totally screw our lives over big time. Maybe loose something we can never get back like trust. Food for thought for those who consider cheating.


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