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  1. One more thing. Our g/f did not live with us full time. She had her own marriage and a son from her first marriage. After her marriage she actually spent more time with us as her husband could watch her son on weekends. He was a doctor so our g/f was able to quit work. She spent as little as a weekend a month to up to two weeks a month, with us. During the 38 years, we sometimes moved far away for about 2 years and then returned back up. We did this about 5-6 times so it was not a continuous 38 years, although she did spend her vacations with us each year when we lived apart. It has been two years since she visited us and her husband sold his practice and then lost all his money in the stock market. They both had to go back to work. Plus we got to be like an old married threesome where sex did not happen as often as it used to and we had a sort of been there, done that attitude. After the two ladies went through menopause, sex was not as important to them anymore so we saw less and less of each other. The last few years we probably only had sex 40-50 times a year and it was mostly just me and our g/f. My wife was happy to have someone to take care of my sexual needs. Luckily they did not go through menopause at the same time.

  2. I already wrote more than most would probably want to read. In short, I am married for 43 years to a bisexual women who went from virgin bride to sharing her best friend with me for 38 years. She managed to not even think about being bisexual, despite only fantasizing about women, all of that time by limited her sex with her girlfriend, only in a threesome with me. It did not matter if I joined it, the important thing is that I was there in the bedroom with them. If I walked out of the bedroom, they would stop what they were doing and wait for me to come back. Due to the time we lived in and their upbringing and religious beliefs. They kept their desire for each other within the context of both loving me and doing what they did to please me, although they seemed top enjoy each other more than me. My wife’s g/f made her reach orgasm quicker than I could but she was not as sexually adventuresome as I was.

    Anyway, it worked for us for all that time with never one problem, even after our g/f got married (long story but he was bisexual too so it gave him some free time too). My wife never got jealous and had no problem with me spending alone time with her g/f. Sometimes she just liked to watch and then join me afterwards when her g/f left. Sometimes we did our threesome thing focusing on my wife and after her orgasm, she would leave us alone while she went to the kitchen to cook us a nice meal. I never asked why and neither did they. We really never spoke about our relationship as if it were anything but normal. After all, it was most of our marriage so it was our “normal”..

    I have posted back and forth on with other husbands with bisexual wives but have yet to find one that had a similar long term arrangement like we did. Our g/f had her own room in our home and my wife cooked for her, made her bed and washed her clothes. My wife was a wife to both her g/f and me. Her g/f is a feminist which was OK by me as I like a dominant sex partner. My wife is sexually submissive. It just worked out for all of us and we never brought in anyone else into our marriage. It was the three of us for 38 years. We partied together, went clubbing together and got stares from all when I walked in with two hot women on each arm, dressed in very sexy dresses that I just bought them. We spent vacations, holidays and special occasions together. Our g/f was a very important part of our life and we both loved her but she was always the third and she accepted it and was always careful to make sure that anything we did, was OK with my wife.

    Share with me as sometimes I feel like I am the only guy in the world to live like I did.


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