Making Time for BiWifeLife

I have a very demanding life in various areas. It can be mind boggling and exhausting trying to ‘do too much’ at once.

Everything needs to be done though! 

Isn’t that always the cry of a busy wife. We’ve got to stay on top of work, the bills, the kids, the pets, the groceries, the household cleaning, the everything!!!

Well, I’m in school full time, I’m in my 3rd year and now looking for work in my field/a career position. I’m also mom to a 20 year old in her first year of college and she demands a lot of my time and attention. I have a bluenose pit bull that shadows me every second of every day, even to the bathroom! My husband and I are together almost at all times. He works from home so my marriage is constantly being worked on 24/7. I work out 5 times a week if possible, if I don’t I feel guilty and I cook almost every single day. Healthy, well thought out, full meals. Sometimes cooking up to 4 hours in the winter!

I said all that to say sometimes BiWifeLife gets neglected. Which is why I wanted to hire Contributing Writers to keep the wheels turning when I can’t be here turning them.

Not to mention I AM ACTIVELY PROMOTING BiWifeLife to INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS across the globe hoping to make Our blog THE resource for Bisexual Married women and their Supporters across the planet.

Jay Dee always think’s big. 

Can’t you see it?

Women in China are wearing their pink jackets, hoodies or tees with purple stenciled lettering rushing toward the meeting house on a weekday evening.

Friends and family, co-workers, husbands and even clergymen are donning the purple jacket/hoodie/tee with pink stenciled letters specifically designed for BiWifeLife Supporters and rushing to the same meeting house.

The same is happening in Seattle, WA, India, Africa, The UK, Germany, Iceland, St. Thomas, and the list goes on.

Women across the world are joining BiWifeLife & The BiWives Club, attending ground meetings with other married bisexual women and finding a place in the LGBT Community, in society.

Each Chapter of BiWifeLife & The BiWivesClub will help in establishing a network of support in their city and town for married bisexual women and their Supporters spreading awareness to our challenges and needs.

LGBT Communities around the world will have BiWifeLife listed as a resource in their pamphlets, on their websites, and other publications. 

We’ll travel, we’ll hold conventions, we’ll have awards and retreats!

I’m so full of ideas for BiWifeLife and I’m doing many other things besides just posting articles here.

Today alone I emailed 5 international LGBT organizations requesting we be added to their directory.

I do plan to work my way through the list of LGBT communities here Stateside through Pride month.

I am volunteering at NYC’s Pride Fest and The Pride March (Parade) where I’ll be promoting BiWifeLife to millions.

My husband and I are also on the guest list for many events here in NyC where we promote BiWifeLife.

I have two boxes of business cards at 5k count each box. Yea, I’m serious about promoting.

So, ONCE AGAIN I CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS to assist in Pioneering change and making BiWifeLife .


This blog is more than just posts on sex, girlfriends and husbands.

This is a growing community.

Read, comment, connect, share!

-Jay Dee



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