Brooklyn Pride 2014 | Serving our Brooklyn LGBTQ+ Family- PRIDE in Our Community

“Serving our Brooklyn LGBTQ+ Family”Brooklyn Pride 2014 | Serving our Brooklyn LGBTQ+ Family.

Have you ever attended a PRIDE celebration or gathering?

Have you and your spouse attended anything within the LGBT Community?

Last year my husband and I volunteered for the NYC PRIDE March.

We were astounded when on the morning of we were assigned to OPEN && LEAD THE ENTIRE PARADE!!!

We were right in the front behind The Governor, The Grand Marshalls and other celebs.

It was an amazing experience and HIS FIRST PRIDE.

We walked the march from the first block to the last leading hundreds of groups through NYC streets.

At the end of the march route we guided cars and pedestrians within the march to their respective exits to keep the end of the route orderly.

We assisted in disbursement of the crowd after.

Once The March was over we hung out in the streets (which is the best part) and met countless hot chicks 🙂

Most didn’t pan out into girlfriends, some we talked to for a while until they faded out.

In any case we had a ball that day. It’s something that bonded us, something we’ll remember, it’s a life long memory we created.

Being involved helps build confidence about ourselves.

This year we’re planning on volunteering again.

We’ll be going to check out Brooklyn PRIDE this weekend.

What will you do this PRIDE month?



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