Gorgeous TS listed on Backpage NY

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My question is, isn’t she irresistible despite her gender? If she were older I would be sexually interested, but because of her age I see her in a more analytical light.

Here’s a young man transitioning at a very young age.

With hormones and other treatments, by 25, a more mature age, she will have developed into a full woman.

Can you picture the final results 10 years from now?

From watching others transition, I’ve learned it totally depends on how far she goes with the artificial enhancements that determines the overall outcome.

I see an awesomely gorgeous woman forming as of now.

She is a man genetically and in genitalia.

She is also a smoking hot chick in figure and face!

Let’s take a look at the way the tgirl below transitioned as a young transgender female. She fell right in line with her age group and peers, blending in very well as a female I’d say. I have daughters her age and she looks like someone my little diva would hang out with.


An awesome example of a transitioning male to female transgender female that is totally mind blowing in not just her looks, but also her pass-ability as a female.

If I could find a passable TS in my age range, that was into females, would asking my husband if I could sleep with her cross the line?

If her genitals are male and functioning, you’re not sleeping with another girl, just a guy that looks like one.

I know this will be a heated and hot discussion.

Come on BiWifeLife readers, let’s see what you guys think.

Share your opinion.

Confession: I love trannies. 😉

-Jay Dee




2 thoughts on “Gorgeous TS listed on Backpage NY

  1. I too had a similar thought and conversation with my husband regarding a TS that I was potentially interested in – she identified female but was pre-op. I asked him what he thought if I were to pursue that relationship. He seemed, ambivalent, and eventually nothing came of it, but yes, it is definitely something that is a different dynamic from what we originally envisioned.

    Having said that, I tend to think of Male to Female TS as a girl with boy parts, not the other way around.

    – Sunny, Chief Editor

    1. I do too Sunny. I swear Tranny’s and Hermaphrodites are like my ultimate fantasies. I love men, I love women. Both in one and I”m in heaven!!! I’d love to be with a functional hermaphrodite, feminine not masculine but with a perfectly working penis. Oh, life would be so awesome if I could make that happen. For now I’ll take a seriously sexy TS any day! 🙂


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