Connect Here & Sharing your Situation on BiWifeLife for the first time…

Hey there BiWives and BiWife Supporters!

This is an admin request, please take heed.

Due to readability as we rapidly grow I’d like to ask all readers who wish to “Connect Here” to post a brief synopsis of your situation.



Submit your full story to

A picture is required to be featured.

BiWifeLife is all about visibility in the LGBT Community & Support.

We can’t do that behind closed doors, curtains, locked bathrooms and the likes.

I’m working hard to gain establishment in the LGBT Community.

The Community needs faces and stories to identify with that inspire, educated and relate to them.

Be an example.

We are also here to support those in crisis and uncertainty but we do not promote cheating here in the BiWives Community.

We will help you STOP CHEATING through moral support.

We will NOT  tell you whether to leave your husband or girlfriend, that is not our place as comrades.

We are here to support the health and well being of your marriage and any other relationships you may be involved in.

I, Jay Dee ask readers to stick by this code of conduct to ensure a safe, healthy community. 

Remember, husbands and girlfriends can get mad, can be crazy.

Let’s not disrupt or destroy with our words but support and suggest healthy options to our readers in crisis.

There’s nothing wrong with sending links to local therapy offices, support groups and other meetings to help someone keep their lives together.

That’s what we are here for. 

To support actively Bisexual Married women through healthy marriages and relationships.

A true Community, Peer to Peer resource.

Here’s tips on how to meet others here in the BiWifeCommunity:

  • Share a brief synopsis of your situation.
  • Tell us how long have you been bi
  • how long have you been married
  • what’s your bi wife life like (girl/guy issues or success stories)
  • what brought you here 

You can do this before or after you’ve read through the site.

By reading through the site you can find others with similar situations and stories.

You can respond directly to their comments and interact.

You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook to interact there if I am not mistaken.

I may have to make a Facebook Group for BiWifeLife to better allow you guys to interact more on a personal level.

Making connections should be like making good friends in Junior year high school in a new town. You hope these are your new friends for life. Behave accordingly! 😉

Thanks for reading, joining, supporting, commenting and connecting!

Any questions feel free to email:

-Jay Dee



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