Work for BiWifeLife? Now Accepting Applications! VOLUNTEER 4 COMMUNITY SUPPORT!




To be a part of a fast growing, innovative and literally ONE OF A KIND blog which will be coming to life in LGBT communities across the globe. Your participation in this one of a kind community will go down in history. Do you think the Stonewall Rioters thought they’d make such an impact on history? What about those who wrote, reported and voiced Gay Bashing, HIV Awareness and all the other causes within our community? Do you think they knew today it would be okay to be gay just because of the effort they put in?

Each person’s voice through literature and action brought about change. Where there was a service needed and one was created, the community was helped, history changed.

Where there once wasn’t there now is. Things are different now as a result.

Bisexual married women are seen as straight. We are hidden in society. We can’t see each other. We long for each other. We need each other. We have no outlets. We have no place to take our feelings, our needs, our wants, our desires, our issues, our pains, our happiness.

We have no place to meet. We have no place to explore. We have no place to belong.

Until now.

That’s why I created this space. Now people need to know we are here for Bisexual Married Women around the world.

OUR goal is to make BiWifeLife a Community Resource for all married, bisexual women internationally.

Baby steps. Getting a really good online presence (which I think we are doing daily 🙂 and making sure we become a go to local resource are the first steps.

Women in New York City ESPECIALLY are encouraged to get in touch with me.

Positions Available:

Community Relations Specialists & Liaisons: Are you well connected in your area’s LGBT community? Are you outgoing and well presented? If so as a Community Relations/Community Liaison you will be in the field securing active ties between BiWifeLife and other organizations. The main goal is to make our resource known to as many women as possible.

Contributing Authors: Do you have BiWifeLife Experience? Are you ‘Out Loud and Proud’? Have you had amazing experiences? Can you tell great stories? Can you come up with creative and insightful articles on a regular consistent basis? If that’s you, APPLY!

Content Contributors: Can you write short articles like there’s no tomorrow? Can you find and stay on top of the hottest trends in health, beauty, fashion, fitness, travel and the latest world news? If you can send 5-10 content pieces a day or more this is the right position for you!

Editor(s): There will be a lot of content coming in and someone has to make sure there are no mistakes. Spell checking, grammatical restructuring, and overall editing. Not changing the core of anything, rather making simple corrections that should be  un-noticeable by the author until pointed out. Not looking for editors that would ever make me say “what the hell did you do to my article!? This is not my article, it’s yours!”

WordPress Guru & Social Networking Masters: self explanatory.

Internet and Ground Promotions- You will establish groups/teams of 3 or more persons (does not have to be Biwives) to actively promote BiWifeLife at events. It will be your job to find relevant events and create events to promote our community * You will be provided with graphics, merchandise and uniforms for events.

All Volunteers will be given a BiWifeLife Identification card to formalize your position within this growing community’s administration after a 90 day probationary period that shows you are committed to the growth of this community.

We are looking for VOLUNTEERS for this very innovative community campaign.

It is only together we will grow!



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