What turns you on?

I was innocently sitting here watching a movie with  my husband when a love scene came on.

Without warning my body got hot, I felt juices started flowing and I felt myself begin to drool.

The curve of her bottom lip under his as they kissed.

The swell of her breast slipping from her gown.

I almost came on myself when she lifted her leg and he slid her panties down.

Her peach was just barely covered by a ruffle of fabric lifted and bunched at her waist as he cupped her ass.

I realized it was THOSE THINGS that turned me on.

It wasn’t the hetero sex that was about to take place, wasn’t his muscles, his manly sexual aggression.

Nope. Nothing about him in this scene even jumped out at me.

All her.

I happen to find my husband one of the Sexiest men in the world. Of course there are bigger, buffer dudes out there but it’s his sexuality, and sexual behaviors that make him so friggin sexy to me. Not to mention his body is so sexy. He has the softest, most beautiful skin and his manliness makes me melt! Don’t let me get started, lol

Honestly most men don’t appeal to me sexually. A very rare few do (think Tyrese Gibson, and I’m about to show my age here but Wesley Snipes. Dark, buff and manly. lol)

I realize how long it’s been since I’ve been with a woman and how bad I need to be with someone…like ASAP.

Tired of looking.

Hoping to meet someone during PRIDE month here in the city.

Let’s see what happens.

-Jay Dee


5 thoughts on “What turns you on?

  1. when it comes to women i have to agree with some things Jenna said that got me going pretty good. i love wen you see a woman with long hair that falls over her breast just so perfectly the softness of the skin on her breast brushing against the softens of her hair, maybe leaves me staring at her just a little too long. i have no objection to yoga paints (or leggings as paints) because when a girl walks by with fabulous legs and you can see every curve and soft accent of her ass as she walks by, there are few things better.

    when it comes to men i have an odd attraction to broad shoulders not body builder broad but the kind you want wrapped around you all night. the ass is a main stage attraction on both sides of the field but i have to say my fiancee (a man) has the best ass i have seen on a man… ever! he was a cross country runner so his legs are so muscular that all of the good stuff gets left in his butt. the other thing i like about men (cuz im trying to make it even here i love many things about both) is when you see those why too freaking hot men without their shirts on and right under the third and sixth ab of their outrageous six pack, right before their baby bringer, just that spot there for me some out is awesome… (penis’ themselves actually look really…. not scary but yeah scary to me)

    i also find on both men and women when they smile a beautiful smile and have dimples in their cheeks… idk if it turns me on but sometimes yeah!

  2. I’m bisexual and newly married, a year this Sunday. I’ve been in threesomes, and one foursome. I was in a Fffm, fff, and a few ffm threesomes before I was married.
    I’ve told my husband. He hadn’t ever gone down on me and has a fear of it. That’s the part that turns me on. Going down on a girl and vice versa. I’m good at it. Something about tasting her, taking my time, and making her scream in pleasure. I miss it. I love kissing her, sucking on her beautiful breasts, and touching her softly.

    I’ve been bisexual my entire life. I’ve been in only heterosexual relationships. I have a fifteen year old son. I miss being with a woman. I’ve satisfied myself with lesbian porn since I was fifteen. . .but I miss being gone down on and giving. I wish my husband would.

    Depresses me.

    1. Congrats on your first year! Don’t be depressed, you’ve found a place to work on those issues and feelings you’re experiencing. I encourage you to read more, suggest articles you’d like to see, comment more, connect with other people here.

      I’m glad you’re here. You are not alone. We do look forward to seeing you around Minnesota Bi.
      You are in the right place to be you!

      -Jay Dee, Founder

  3. It is so funny you bring this subject up. My weakness has always been the subtle curves of the female body. The soft rounded edges as the waist curves in and then rounds out into full hips and thighs. The way the bottom curves in to the thigh. The area at the small of the back just below the pantie Line where spread of her butt begins. The space between the beasts known as cleavage. The thought of rolling get a delicate nipple around with my tongue as it stiffens between my lips. I just melt when a woman bites her lower lip. Mm mm that is a thought that will leave a puddle in my knickers. Lol.



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