2 thoughts on “The Messy Realities of Bisexuality | Psychology Today

  1. I am recently married and my husband knew about my bisexuality beforehand. The problem is our sex life. I don’t believe in poly and I believe three some or otherwise could lead to conflict. We are both getting frustrated and I’m extremely modest talking about sex. I like lots of different things but I’ve always had sex issues with nice guys. They don’t turn me on like mean guys do. There was chemistry but it disappated, for me. Now I’ve been thinking it’s because of birth control and age and I just go with out sex because I feel it should occur naturally. But I can’t remember the last time I breathed heavy. We’ve been married a month and I genuinely love him. Now what?

    1. I’m not going to lie Sarah, I’ve had issues within many of my prior long term relationships. Especially in my marriages. Some are hyper sexual (the ones who love sex just a lil too much), some get non sexual (I call it comfortable) and sex looses it’s spontaneity/excitement.
      You ask Us “now what” when you should be asking yourself that.
      Now what…do you want to do about it?
      What can make it change?
      What can make it better?
      What can you do to make it so you do breathe heavy again?
      What makes you guys frustrated?
      Why can’t you talk about sex freely? Why the modesty? Aren’t you married? You’re SUPPOSED to talk to him!
      “Now I’ve been thinking it’s because of birth control and age and I just go with out sex because I feel it should occur naturally. “
      We women want what I call organic sex.
      Sex that comes because we looked at each other and the spark that was there when we first met captures us. Next thing you know we’re rolling on the carpet or pushing dishes off the dining room table.
      Men don’t see it like that. They get sex when they can or when they need to after they say “I do”
      For most they don’t think about a movie scene, they think about busting a nut.
      There are some that enjoy the romance of it but if that were your husband you wouldn’t be saying what you are.
      You see what thinking it should come naturally gets you…no dick.
      Yup, that’s what happens because men just don’t get it.
      Now you’re not getting sexually gratified the absolute cosmic experience of being with a woman is really pressing at you.
      I’m way more outspoken and clear about my feelings than you are so I can’t tell you “now what”.
      All I can say is ask yourself a few things. Analyze the situation and get back to us.

      Don’t forget to browse, comment, connect, suggest!

      Keep us posted! Sorry for the late reply. Finals came about, biwifelife is also growing & it’s Pride month so life has been hectic.

      -Jay Dee, Founder


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