Featured Readers and BiWife of The Month

I’m happy to say we have selected TWO people to feature.

Still awaiting approval from one.

These two brave souls have submitted their stories and photos to inspire other readers.

We will be selecting from active readers as well as accepting submissions.


I suggest you are out about your situation or wish to come out to family and friends.

We will only accept stories where all parties are knowledgeable about each other and your relationship

is harmonious with all members.

Our first feature was to be for the month of May but seeing it’s the end of the month She’ll run through June as well.

Submit your PHOTO and story now!

Here’s our Must Have’s for feature:

  • Married
  • Bisexual
  • Girlfriend/boyfriend and Spouse are aware of each other.
  • Include your trials and triumps
  • Explain your challenges, benefits and rewards of living a BiWifeLife
  • Inspire others!

-Jay Dee



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