-BiWives Club Notice-

By sharing our page you help build this community.

It doesn’t hurt to repost an article or post you liked, press this or share the link on your feed.

We need 5-10k followers with a good 70% participation before I even consider opening The BiWives Club.

It wouldn’t be worth the financial investment it would require on my end to establish the club. What good is a club without membership cards, a website, apparel, meeting spaces, events? This all requires money. Why would I invest money into something that has no active involvement and very few followers?

I would love to see women everywhere with a place to turn to when the feelings of actually living your life as a bisexual married woman surface and they need somewhere to go. I would love to create a place that is known to women far and wide as a support network.

I would love for BiWifeLife to be common knowledge in every LGBT Community we can possibly reach.

This is not for financial gain in any way, but to support Bisexual married women everywhere.

Press This, Repost, Reblog, Post our Link, help us gain followers, spread the word and let’s get the BiWives Club open this coming Fall!

Rember: Remain active, if you’re not active-become active.

Read through archives, comment, connect, suggest!

Become a contributing writer even!!! *email biwifelife@gmail.com with writing sample from a topic in Our tabs to be considered.

-Jay Dee 🙂


2 thoughts on “-BiWives Club Notice-

    1. Always! First I’d suggest going back to the very first post, read through the archives.
      From there read other people’s comments. If there aren’t any comments, comment yourself if you have something to say. You may be the one to start the conversation! 🙂 Get involved in others posts, comments, questions. Connect with others you can identiy with. It’s not hard, just takes some effort. 😀
      I do hope to see you around. It’s good you’re here though. I see your likes, your reads. I like that you like Our blog. Now it’s time to comment, suggest, connect! Step out that shell Stephanie. We don’t bite…unless u want us to 😉


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