Attn: Readers of BiWifeLife & The BiWives Club

I’m noticing this blog tends to see transients. -_-

Many of you stumble here, emotionally driven and don’t look back often.

I urge you all to do some reading, maybe once a week, come sit and sift.

There may be a lot to read through, there may not be much.

  • If there isn’t anything new have you browsed Our archives?
  • Have you answered anyone’s questions?
  • Have you offered your opinion?
  • Have you offered support to someone in a similar situation?
  • Have you connected with anyone here?

This blog isn’t just about the latest post, there’s some good stuff in here!

I’ll be rolling out membership to The BiWives Club soon, honestly I’m waiting on more involvement from Our readers.

Once I see people engaging I’ll feel much more motivated to do more by way of growing this community. 

I have big plans for us. Someone thought of every Pride Organization there is and made it come to life.

I  hope to do the same for BiWife Life, be a resource, a good resource for Bisexual Married Women everywhere.

It’s you readers that will set the tone of Our growing community.

And we want this community to grow don’t we? Growing requires activity. Let’s get Active!!!

  • Don’t we want women like ourselves to know there’s a place to go?
  • Don’t you want to know you can always come here to connect with someone?
  • Read something good?
  • See/read something sexy?
  • Maybe even vent a little, laugh a little, sip a glass of wine and get deep here. 🙂

This isn’t a show off blog, this is all about the readers. 

Show us you’re out there!

Become involved!!! Share our link, comment, suggest, connect!

-Jay Dee


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