Dating again…or trying to…

It’s very hard to find a woman it seems. One that can understand I’m married, I love him, I have a family, pets, goals, etc…but I can love her too. I find it hard to find a woman of my taste, I find it annoying, aggrivating, stressful…which is why I quit dating in the first place. Date last week with a Craigslist, horrible. She was single, no kids, barely lived any life, almost my age.

I have kids, husband and experience, kinda threw her off. idk, wtf…she knew all of this before we met. She was for him and I both.

Last minute she changes her mind, at my house, in my living room, we drive her home. My home is very clean, smells wonderful, a bit on the small side but private, in an okay neighborhood, we both looked awesome, treated her very kindly, shared red wine, talked about our professions and lives and then she just said “Take me home, I want to go home.” I asked “Are you sure?” She said yea, I replied, “Say no more, let’s go.” that simple. She said my place was too small, call her when we move to a bigger house. 

We found a 4 bedroom house this week  and (we have been looking for months) and fuck if I’m going to call her. Smfh. 

I too have been on many sites to no avail, yes I do CL and I’ve had some great responses….then they trail into nothingness, we never end up meeting. 

I tend to meet women naturally. I am a F ashionista, I attract other Fashionistas, I’m very outspoken, sparkling personality and I’m so not afraid to hit on a pretty woman. I live in New York, I’m still young and sexy-why not? 🙂

While on my way to meet this CL Disaster Date I met a woman on the train. Very sexy, bottom heavy Jamacian woman with barely an accent, lives nearby with flexible hours to chill. 

I got her number literally as I was walking up to the CL Date. We just so happened to get off the train at the same stop. I told her I was going on a date when we met getting on the train. She saw my ring and said “But you’re married.” I said “Yes, but dating. Married and Single.” I explained I was growing on a date with a woman. She was shocked but we sat, talked and connected all the way to our stop…my date. She’s single, a divorced, kid moved out, same age as me (early 30’s) and she has her life to herself…but wouldn’t mind becoming a part of something new 🙂

She gave me her # with a smile after I invited her over to come and spend time with me, I spend a lot of time at home. She giggled and said “Sure call me any time.” My date was across the street waving at me as I entered her number in my cell.

I didn’t feel bad when the date didn’t work out, I can’t lie, I need sex ASAP, but not if it doesn’t feel right.

I’ll call the sexy woman from the train tomorrow, had to get over Friday night’s date. I didn’t feel dejected or rejected, it was my first date in over a year, it just felt…strange. 

I’m taking my time but diving in head first. It’s Spring. I’m posting, I’m dressing my usually super sexy, classy, feminine, fashionista self, spending time in the streets of my city and I will find her.

That’s my goal for this Spring. I have a couple females 0in my inbox that are gorgeous and expressed interest. If I hear back I’ll go on another date, and another until I find the woman I shall lie my body with and share my skills.

Until then ladies, I can’t help with how to meet a woman. I am a Leo, I attract people very, very easily, and I go for what I want.

It’s still not easy. I am very picky.


2 thoughts on “Dating again…or trying to…

  1. Great post. Sorry to hear about the CLASS disaster, but I’m so glad to hear it turned into an opportunity to meet someone new.
    Thank you for inspiring me, and reminding me I’m not alone.

    1. Lol, no girl, you are not alone. We are out there facing many of the same challenges, most of us frustratingly alone. That’s why I created this site. I’m tired of facing this alone….I know you ladies are too!


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