Transcending Boundaries Conference

So, let me share my experience with you guys at the Transcending Boundaries Conference.

First workshops began Friday morning. My husband and I ordered business cards for BiWifeLife earlier in the week especially for the conference. The order was not done by Friday morning.

They wouldn’t be done until Friday evening.

Most of the workshops we wanted to attend were Friday. We missed an entirely planned out day due to business card order errors.

We went shopping for the pool party that night that started at 11pm thinking we’d arrive in enough time to check into our room and dress for the party.

Our cards were delivered at 10pm. The drive is about 2.5 hours. We got lost twice. We arrived around 4am.

We missed Friday entirely, even the pool party we went shopping for. Never even dipped a toe!

We checked in, unpacked, showered, ate and got to bed around 7am.

Check out pictures of some of the awesome stuff we missed. Also other great posts from Transcending Boundaries.

Needless to say we missed the firs half of the day sleeping/getting much needed rest. Sheraton Sleepers are no joke and we were exhausted from all the preparation leading up to the conference.

Our entire plans were thrown off by missing the first day. Snowball effect 😦 It was only a 2 day conference.

Anyway, we came to somewhere around 3pm missed most workshops but decided to go check in with registration, catch up with folks, meet new people and promote.

We checked in, acquainted ourselves with everyone, connected with a few people we knew from other meetings in the city, left business cards in a few places and headed out for dinner. There weren’t any workshops on the schedule we wanted to attend that evening so we explored the town.

He needed shoes for the costume party. We went shopping for the costume party we thought started at 10pm. It started at 9. We didn’t take pictures but we went as a Vampress in a gown he designed, styled by me with blond wig, green eyes, vintage shoes, sparkling jewelry. He wore an all grey suit, black shirt, black shoes, spooky makeup. We invested a lot into our costumes. He is a Fashion Designer, he wanted to promote his talent as well.

The party was cool. Folks danced, talked, the food was healthy and awesome. He handed out a few cards. His gown was well received. We stuck around to watch a very interesting table game then we went off to our room for the evening. I’d had a nice amount of wine. We slept.

Sunday we attended one workshop. It was great.

I am so pissed we arrived so late and missed a lot.

We did connect with almost everyone in attendance.

We greeted everyone we saw, we got to know a lot about others, their lifestyles, organizations and BiWifeLife was greeted with open arms by all 🙂

I apologize to all who put forth effort to get us there, who spoke and conducted the awesome workshops we missed.

Next year I hope to host a workshop & be a vendor!

Not to mention attend all the workshops I choose for the weekend!

I did meet quite a few good people. I’ll be featuring them as resources in posts behind this one.


“I personally wanted to thank the Transcending Boundaries team for having us.

We look forward to next year and all the wonderful workshop opportunities.” -Jay Dee


Please take a look at the wonderful connections we made, great resources for all you BiWives out there. 

If you have any resources to add of your own just comment below!

-Jay Dee



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