Living Fabulous, Mixed Orientations Marriages and Relationships

I’d like to share with all of my readers a totally awesome bisexual website/blog.

Mark, a BiWifeLife Supporter, of Living Fabulous featured BiwifeLife and The BiWives Club on his website in support of our cause. Awareness and support.

Thank you Mark! We totally appreciate the exposure and hope to support as many wives,  husbands, lovers, friends, family & supporters as we can along this journey!

Just browsing his site I’d say all of Our readers could benefit from reading through his posts.

A lot in the way of BiWifeLife his blog reflects on bisexuality, relationships, commitments, complications, success and societal issues we face as bisexual humans.

His main focus and message being  as bisexuals deserve love, acceptance and a place in society too. We deserve happy marriages, great relationships and understanding from our loved ones, intimate and familial. We can make marriages work.

I personally plan to have a seat tomorrow and thoroughly read through his blog. Don’t be surprised to see interesting links here from his blog.

I believe in sharing knowledge & insight.


Take a look, share the site with those you think may need the info!

Living Fabulous, Mixed Orientations Marriages and Relationships

Totally awesome resource!

Thanks a million Mark!



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