Keep on Commenting!!! Keep on Connecting!!!

I wanted to take this time out to say “Thank you” to everyone who’s commented and shared their story with us.

I urge you all tor read through prior posts. I’m sure you will find others you identify with, people who you can connect with here.

This isn’t Jay Dee’s advice column by far, this is a budding community with readers who share a commonality.

We are married.

We are bisexual.

We have to deal with it.

I will comment on posts from time to time but I urge you all to interact with each other. 

Answer another reader’s post, share your perspective. 

That’s how we’ll grow.

To be honest posts are coming in so quick I can’t respond to them all! That’s what a community is for, to help one another.

I am no advice columnist, just a bit experienced is all 😉 

If you want to connect privately to a member comment in the “Connect Here” section.

Include with to whom you’d like to send your email to & we’ll send it directly to them. All comments have to be approved by admin to be published.

We will not publish your request, just pass it along to the person you wish to connect with.Preview

The comment will then be trashed never seen by the public. 

The other option is to publish your email publicly allowing anyone who views it to send you an email if they so choose.

The BiWivesClub Website (coming soon) may have an adult connections option.

For now let’s keep it clean ladies 🙂

Keep on commenting, keep on connecting!

It’s really beautiful 😀

I’ve got a lot of posts to write, hope to see you guys connecting!

-Jay Dee


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