BiWifeLife is now hiring Volunteers & Interns!!!

BiWifeLife is now hiring interns in an effort to really grow throughout the summer.

Truth is our numbers are soaring and I can’t keep up on my own.

I myself am listing BiWifeLife with every single LGBT organization I can reach out to. I am becoming a member of every group I can while representing BiWifeLife.

April-June is what I call Pride Season. Events, Conferences, Conventions & Annual events all roll around this time, now is the time to get the word out there about Us.

Most intern/volunteer positions can be done through telecommute. These positions are open to non bisexual married women as well. If you have a friend who would like to intern, by all means tell him/her to apply! I will write a letter of confirmation for anyone who may need it if you come on board.

At present BiWifeLife is looking for:
Vice President/Co-Founder: Marketing, Promotions, Sales, Business minded person is a must, total team player. Ethical, down to earth and personable is highly desired. Verifiable education/experience needed.
Must live in a major metropolitan area, LGBT involved and Out to all, available for travel & able to give presentations.
Creative mind with a rich personal history/experience and a great writer are non negotiable 😀
Editor: Go over the site, proofread and make any grammatical or structural corrections to keep Our blog an easy read.
Contributing Writer: Pick your niche from tabs let us know which one suits you best. 3-5 post per week. More if you like to write more. SEO & Keword savvy a must. Send a 3 paragraph writing sample for consideration.
Webmaster: WordPress Guru
Techie: Someone to do all the techie stuff an online blog needs. Link backs, banner exchanges, buttons, build online contact directory.
Promoters: Promote through social networking, live events BiWifeLife blog.
At 10,000 followers I will open up the BiWivesClub for memberships and ground meetings!
Can you help us reach that goal?
Sales: Once BiWifeLife reaches 10,000 followers on FB and Twitter & 10,000 readers on WordPress
salespersons for memberships and merchandise will be needed for The BiWives Club.
Must live in a metropolitan area.
These are all the things this one man show must do. It’s cumbersome and I’d love help from other passionate people like myself.
Do any of those fit you?

Email with resume, a bit about you and why you’d like to work with BiWifeLife. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon! -Jay Dee



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