Bi Wife of the Week, Story of Inspiration- Submit yours now!!!

Photo of you, even better you and hubby/wife, even better one of the three of you is REQUIRED.

Yes, I said Required.

We can’t continue to hide.

I can understand some of you ladies don’t want to expose who you really are but that’s what this blog is all about. Finally showing ourselves to society, letting it known we are here and educating others about who we are, our lifestyles and struggles.

We aren’t cheaters.

We aren’t liars.

We aren’t bad mothers.

We aren’t promiscuious.

We aren’t all the bad things they think we are.

We don’t have to  hide. If we do, we are not free.

We are married, good women, who love other women…and can’t do anything about it.

We are bisexual.

Do you have a story of inspiration you’d like to share with the community? The homophobe husband, friends, parents, family but now they accept you? Tell us about your new girlfriend who fits right into your life.

Share with us your poly relationship journey, being new to dating, just came out to family, at work or to friends. Did you attended first LGBT event? Tell your kids, introduced the girlfriend?

Email your photo and story to and we’ll email you before we publish if selected.

If not selected we’ll keep your info for next week’s selection for BiWife of the Week!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

-Jay Dee

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