So far this trip has uneventful but very relaxing. Our schedule being thrown off we missed the first two days of the convention and I take it back to the business cards and getting lost a few times.

We’ve missed every workshop because we slept late, after finally getting to bed at 7am.

Honestly these beds were meant to put you into a coma. Seriously. We had to force ourselves up, lol.

We did go through the conference a few times today, speak to a few people here and there since our arrival. 

Got some great Lit, great resources and hope to really go into gear online when I get home. 

Start lining up other events to attend in April when we return.

Tonight’s costume party was interesting. I pretty much was just an observer although we were dressed as Vampires.

Sophisticated well put together outfits designed by him, styled by him.

Said hi to a few, stopped and exchanged cards with others.

Not sure what we’ll do tonight, maybe just sleep.

Workshops and checkout in the a.m.

Until later BiWives, I’m out here working for us 🙂



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