Transcending Boundaries LGBT Conference

So, I’m here. At the Sheraton, freshly showered in my plush bed, a bit tipsy from the Henny & Orange juice I had with my egg McMuffin *hold the pork sausage, lol.

It wasn’t easy getting here. Took a lot. Went through business card hell, held us up an ENTIRE DAY, MISSED a whole day of the conference because of Send2PrintNY not to be confused with Send2PrintNYC only to be delivered the wrong cards en route to the conference!

Super pissed about that.

I am here to promote BiWifeLife in the LGBT Community. We are here, we exsist and it’s high time we aren’t stuffed in the closet, stuck in the blanket of straight life when we are anything but.

I pray I’ll connect with other organizations, blogs and websites that can help us grow as a community. Hopefully next year I’ll be here with a few of OUR contributing writers in BiWifeLife gear with a lovely promo package for the weekend. Giveaways, bags, etc.

Gotta build BiWifeLife’s blog so we can build the BiWivesClub and establish ground clubs nationwide, chapters in every city is my goal!

Ladies & Gents, I’m out here doing the footwork for US ALL.

We need it, we work hard to be good wives and mothers but we need others who can identify with us.

The B in LGBT is always silent, even discriminated against and wrongfully judged.

As BiWives seems we’re invisible. Not anymore.


I love every single one of you, I understand so many perspectives, I’ve lived many perspectives and have been subjected to more than a few.

BiWifeLife is here for all of you. We will grow. That is my goal. I plan to promote US through the Spring and Summer.

I am not in the closet, lol. I will forever and always be Out Loud and Proud!!! :*



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