Scared Someone Might see? Scared to comment/post?

I recently had a userl ask a wonderful question. I answered her honestly as I always do.

She sent me a request to delete her prior approved comment, don’t approve her current comment pending asking me to remove her question and invited me to email her.

I immediately did so.

I totally understand what it’s like to throw some ish up on the internet because it’s real, its deep and you have nowhere else to throw it where the people around you won’t see it….and then regret it instantly like “Oh ish! I really wrote that!” To be perfectly honest my first offense is defense, what were you doing where I was online that you found my question/comment/picture?

I need to express to all visitors, be encouraged to browse and comment freely-yet respectfully and if you have guilt later on I will delete your question as soon as I get your request. Just drop a line or send it in as a comment to a post and I’ll see it, nobody else will. I’ll trash your comment requesting to remove your post before it ever gets published and delete what ever it is you wish me to delete.

Now in all fairness I will say when you comment you potentially are assisting another reader. Your situation may be just the one another reader may need to see.

You may answer another persons question for them. You might inspire someone, you may be in the same exact situation as someone else and the potential to gain a connection and comrade in this long road we travel is high. We all need someone 🙂

Not to mention you release something that’s been inside of you dying to get out and you help BiWifeLife as a community grow.

I don’t check daily, only a few times a week as I rarely get personal emails.

Most readers post and communicate publicly here in order to share and communicate with all readers.

I just wanted to let all who pass through here know I am real, I am here, I do understand.

Stay tuned, still fine tweaking the BiWifeLife structure, looking to expand to keep constant content coming in. We aspire to become an internationally recognized organization. It all starts right here. Keep coming, tell your friends, browse, comment, suggest.

**If you’d like to become a contributing writer email bio and which section you’d like to write for along with 2 writing samples for consideration. Contributing writer position is unpaid but may grow into a paid position.***



5 thoughts on “Scared Someone Might see? Scared to comment/post?

  1. I have to say that reading other peoples blogs have helped me deal with my situation. Feedback on my posts helps too. I’ve been married 20 years, and just recently accepted that I am bi. So I have alot of questions.

    1. cool stuff! Hopefully you can find help amongst the comments and articles here on BiWifeLife. If you don’t see answers, ask! We’ll answer 🙂
      Welcome and thanks for coming bi!

      Look forward to seeing you around. Remember-your comments might help others too.


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