Overall Toning Exercises -AWESOME List with Videos!!! :)

Fitness Magazine, 20 exercises with pictures & video.


Dance Spirit Fitness

As a youth I was a Performing Arts major. Trained in dance & vocal. I’ve given birth to 5 children and have the shape of a woman in my twenties. I’ve always done core strengthening and overall body tone workouts. From calves to arms I maintained tone and definition. I haven’t worked out in 3 years and still have my form…but it’s fading, lol.

I plan to begin seriously working out several times a week this Monday after acheiving my weight goals recently.

I’m doing an overall body makeover that’s years in progress. I am almost done. Last step, final toning and sculpting.

Dancers exercises and stretches are amazingly toning and not necessarily high energy exhausting workouts. Just purposeful and well targeted exercises.




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