I’m Bisexual, should I attend services? What about my religion?

For those of us who are a bit more than spiritual, for those of us who considered or consider ourselves among the enlightened, righteous, god fearing.

What about us? What do we do now that we are actively having sexual thoughts and/or sex with the same sex.

  • Are we now damned to burn?
  • Should we hide in shame?
  • Should we keep on with life as nothing’s changed?
  • Should we hold to our faith, question our God or remain strong?
  • Should we stifle our natural (unnatural) desires for the same sex?
  • Should we actually act on our feelings or ignore them?
  • Do I talk about this to someone or just pray it away?
  • What if there’s a mutual attraction between me and a religious community member?
  • What if I (God forbid) become involved with some one inside of our religious community?

Whew! Pretty deep questions.

The answers to which is purely personal and between you and your God.


I nor anyone else can tell you what to do in those situations. Those are situations that require faith, prayer and guidance from your Higher Power. The above questions are examples of situations you cannot find answers to outside of yourself.

It may be good to look outside yourself for help in various situations but some things are for you to deal with privately and alone. You have to weigh your options, use consequential thinking and ask yourself, Am I okay with this, really? Is this in my best interest? Will this hurt me in the long run? and so many other questions. This is all about you!

Now, as righteous and God serving BiWives we can’t just shut our partner out and follow our own desires. For that we could have remained single!

What we can do is express our need for introspection time. We need time to ponder and weigh some things. We can clearly express this to our spouse, and consult with him before taking action on our thoughts.

We cannot disregard his sexual rights over us as his wife, if we live a religious based marriage. We have to respect his last word is law, if we live by the holy books and we must keep in mind he is being kind if he is supportive throughout this process.  

Lots to think about and go over in your own mind…what are your thoughts?



4 thoughts on “I’m Bisexual, should I attend services? What about my religion?

  1. My belief is I am not going to hell for being what God made me to be. Being promiscuous is an entirely different story. My best friend friend is a bi male, we just started Sunday services in his home. It has a made a difference to me already. I need the fellowship, but don’t need the condemnation from bible beaters.

  2. I did a search for progressive Christian churches on Google for my area and I found a church that was gay friendly and science friendly. That might be a good start. in my opinion, there are plenty of things considered sinful or punishable in the Bible that nowadays we consider too old fashioned of a rule to follow. check out the blog biblical womanhood. I think you should definitely go to church, there are plenty of Christians that are gay friendly.

    1. Good viewpoint! I’m personally not Christian but I’m sure your advice will help someone who’s struggling with the issue.
      There are MANY Christian BiWives that can use this viewpoint! 🙂
      Thanks for your input! I’d love to hear your view on other posts. Please browse around, comment & connect 😀


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