Healthy Snack :)

Got the munchies, decided to go have a snack. Keeping in mind all 4 of my family members decided to make a cracker platter.

You can use whichever ingredients you choose.


I only used one teaspoon of each ingredient for dipping.


SAMSUNGI centered the honey and poured slowly because I knew it would spread and ruin the untouched crackers. The plate is rounded, not flat.


Here’s everything I used minus the fruits in the background, lol.

SAMSUNGHere we are dipping and enjoying. Remember, each cracker only needs a little condiment to remain healthy.

**Although we did use processed jelly and jam we used a low fat, low sodium, low cholesterol butter. Serving size based on 1 tsp, divide that 4 ways, very low!**

You can always look up nutritional online should  you need to do so 🙂



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