~~~My Dating Protocols, Do’s, Don’ts & Why ~~~

So, I posted an ad, yes, posted an ad. I was pretty honest, showed a nice classy face pic. Nothing raunchy.

I got a few good replies and replied a few in return. I am no stranger to internet dating. I met my wonderful husband online. Celebrating 4 years next month 🙂

Here’s what I walked away with this post:

  • 4 women replied
  • 2 women replied to my reply
  • 1 stood me up. After voice verifying, saying she was within blocks of me and was on her way. We even took showers at the same time for our meeting! She was coming to my house for the evening to meet hubby and I 🙂
  • 1 seems very real but is not a NSA type of thing. That I’m cool with. She’s more long term type from what I gather so far.

So, the 1 of 4 is actually very attractive, perfect size, pretty face, lives in the local area and also has availability to meet along with strong potential.

Here’s the down side:

We’re both BiWives. Dating is NOT that simple. We have husbands to consider.

I have a few different guidelines & protocols for dating as a BiWife that I’ve found work just perfect for me. These aren’t in order but off the top of my head according to the situations I’ve learned from.

  1. Always discuss with your husband your needs before moving forward with an action. You two are in this together, what you do affects him.
  2. Keep him in the loop. Let him know once you’ve found someone you’re interested in.
  3. Find out where her husband stands with her sexuality. This should be a first question.
  4. If she wants to meet at her house while her hubby is there, your hubby should be there.
  5. If she insists you come over with her husband there and your husband not come along with  you-don’t go!
  6. If you met online: If she refuses to voice verify she’s probably a he or her husband doesn’t know. Drop that situation quickly.
  7. Insist on voice verifying quickly!
  8. Men like to arrange dates with women via text surprising them once they arrive at rendezvous sites. Plenty of rapes have happened through online dating.
  9. NEVER, EVER go to a female’s house when she says her husband is not home! You run the risk of getting caught, getting hurt or worse!
  10. Meet in a public place first. See if you guys click, decide if it will be a NSA thing or is there a spark? Discuss your ideal situation, be honest. Listen to her, know her situation. Decide which way you guys want to proceed after the first meeting.
  11. Insist the husband’s meet. If she’s going to be your lover or girlfriend she’s going to be in your life for a while at least. If the husband’s feel left out at all (from beginning to end).619-01723288
  12. Don’t get so caught up in her you neglect him.
  13. Share your excitement, let hubby know if it’s getting serious.
  14. If it is getting serious you and her should discuss how serious it is.
  15. Discuss with the husband’s the direction your relationship has taken.
  16. Move forward and stick to whatever all of you agree on.

She insisted I come to her place. I suggested dinner, the 4 of us, her place or ours. She said “Come by while he’s not here.” I said “No” I suggested coffee daytime, she agreed.

Hopefully we’ll meet this week and see what happens. I want to kiss her pretty lips so bad…all from a few pictures! smh, it’s been a long time. 😦


One thought on “~~~My Dating Protocols, Do’s, Don’ts & Why ~~~

  1. OMG thank you. I was just about to ask your advice on this exact subject. I replied to an ad because I liked the way she described her interests and situation. Now it’s time to meet up and I am so nervous! I haven’t dated in over 3 years, and this is my first time dating a woman while in a relationship (almost married) with a man.

    Thanks for your advice. I see I need to have a talk with my future hubby. He is OK with the arrangement, but he doesn’t really desire to be involved or meet my girlfriend. So we’ll see what happens, and I’ll let you know how it goes.


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