Destinations (intro to BiWife traveling)

The picks  of the month will work like this:

Once a month I’ll post two destinations. One hot, one cold. 🙂 Each destination I’ll keep in mind these factors:

  • Family/Children and Romantic options.
  • The cost for an extra person…you may be bringing ‘Her’ along 😉
  • Realistic Cost for the average every day person.

My Gripe with Bi/Poly travel:

Please be properly forewarned, many places do not accommodate poly appearing families or the bisexual person booking with a person of each gender. Gay and lesbians have been socially accepted, Triads have not made main stream just yet. A woman with a man and a woman on each arm in public isn’t exactly common. It’s still shocking and something people gawk at and laugh, point, talk about. 

  • You may experience issues when booking rooms and other activities priced for two on romantic getaways.
  • You may also experience discrimination when booking with your family (husband and kids) with your girlfriend in tow.
  • You may be required to purchase an extra suite or room.
  • You may have to pay a totally separate or additional price for ‘Her’ to add her to couples amenities, specials & packages. If the establishment will even bend policy and add an extra person.
  • You may be refused booking if you insist you three are booked in one room with one bed.
  • You may have to purchase a room with double beds because of the number of adult guests. 

This is one of my main gripes in LGBT equality. The B doesn’t have the the equal rights the L, G and T’s do in society. Our lifestyle hasn’t been socially accepted truly in public eye …but that’s changing slowly. Sexually (in the ever constant American Sexual Revolution & Evolution) being Bi is the hottest trend for females and it’s catching on in men. Studies show that girls and women alike love Bi guys! I surely do. Hot shit! 😉

From stars to athletes to rap artists down to high school boys and girls Bi is the new wave.

Maybe we’ll gain equality along with the rest of the Queer community and travel will change for us. Maybe we’ll be able to have wedding ceremonies at these beautiful destinations with our partner and our husband’s or wives Bi our side one day.

Bisexual Equal Marriage?

Then we could stay wherever we wanted to with the ones we love!

Should you experience any issues booking a stay or during your stay regarding traveling with your partner and your spouse please let Us know right away. Post in ‘Connect Here’ or even in reply to this introduction and tell us all about it, email and tell Me about it.

We want to know which places are NOT Bi Friendly.

I hope you visit and share with us some of my picks. I only aspire to visit most of these places, God willing one day. 🙂

If you should have the fortune to do so share that experience with Us!.

Make memories and have fun!

-Jay Dee



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